Meet Kiley

Viridian Kai is a woman-owned business run by Kiley Gwynn, an artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer based in beautiful Springfield, Oregon. Kiley has been an artist for as long as she can remember; growing up with a painter for a father and a quilter for a mother gave her ample opportunities to explore her creative side. As an adult, she’s found a passion for illustration, watercolor, and surface design. 

Before launching her artistic career, she worked in marketing for over 15 years. After landing her dream job as a Marketing Director for a large regional craft brewery, she realized she yearned to use her creative energy to create for herself. Her goal is to create designs that transform everyday objects into absolute faves. Kiley hopes her products bring a bit of whimsy to your day and inspire everyone to add a bit of art and creativity to their life. 

Kiley started Viridian Kai as a values-based business. She didn’t want to participate in a model of capitalism that pursued profit at all costs. Instead, she sought ways to practice conscious capitalism. 

Kiley has worked on several DE&I committees and strongly believes in honoring diversity and supporting equity, inclusion, and representation. She has worked in many industries that believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, which has instilled in her that all businesses should prioritize collaboration and understanding over division and competition. Kiley is always happy to share her knowledge with those around her, with many of the brightest moments in her career coming from watching the young women she’s mentored come into their power and thrive. 

While Kiley is a bit of an introvert, she’d love to connect. Please reach out and say hello! She’s always excited to meet fellow creatives and would love to discuss collaborations and art licensing.

Kiley posing in a tree
Groovy ferns fanny pack

Tell me more about conscious commerce

Some might describe Kiley’s approach as slow fashion, which isn’t about being slow but designing, producing, and consuming with intention. It’s a different approach to commerce with the hopes that everyone will become more aware of the impact of products on workers, communities, and ecosystems.

This means most of Kiley’s items are made just for you when you order from her shop. That does mean her items are slower to arrive than something from a giant online retailer, but she promises it’s worth the wait! A few exceptions to her made-on-demand model include original artwork, stickers, and select limited-edition products.

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